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Patrick's Monthly Healing Community

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Patrick's Monthly Healing Community


What you get:

  1. Instant access to all coursework and recorded webinars –including upcoming new courses
  2. Monthly live Q&A sessions via zoom with Patrick (twice monthly). 1.5 hrs each
  3. Weekly inner child journaling prompts related to YouTube videos and specific issues. (SAMPLE PROMPTS HERE)

All materials, zoom links, and journal prompts are accessed through your email receipt after signing up. Just click "view content". You don't need a password/login.

If you are seeking individualized care or small group settings, this membership won't be the right fit for you. We connect as a community during the live Q&As going over submitted questions while members work on the materials and courses at their own pace.

Watch this video about the membership : )

Journal Prompts are sent weekly via email from Patrick- EVERY MONDAY. You'll also receive zoom links in those emails as well as a form system to submit your Q&A questions.

Live Q&A's are bi weekly. They rotate between 7pm EST and 12pm EST to ensure members can attend across time zones. Here is the current schedule - please convert your time to EASTERN.

Wed 8/2/23 @ 12pm

Wed 8/16/23 @7-8:30pm

Wed 8/30/23 @ 12pm

Wed 9/13/23 @7-8:30pm

Wed 9/27/23 @ 12pm

Wed 10/11/23 @7-8:30pm

and continues on in the cycle.

There are limited spots to this membership.

Live Q&A via zoom are informative life coaching sessions and not to be considered psychotherapy or group psychotherapy.

Members have the option to not use their zoom camera, have their name displayed or any thing else but it is each members responsibility to change settings for the regular zoom format meeting.

Live Q&A calls are informational events to discuss inner child concepts, resources and ideas. These calls are NOT psychotherapy nor should they be considered a substitution for psychotherapy. The calls are of a wellness and life coaching framework discussing Patrick's work and videos.

*Due to privacy and safety, the zoom sessions are NOT recorded. Members at times, share personal parts of their stories.

*Members can cancel at anytime and are responsible for canceling via your gumroad email receipt "manage membership". YOU MUST CANCEL WITHIN 24 HOURS of purchase for refunds. Annual memberships refunds are prorated by month after course cost deducted.

*This is a recurring monthly or annually membership -you will be charged ongoing from the time you signed up either monthly or annually.


"When I first subscribed to Patrick's Monthly Healing Community I was nervous, I knew I was seeking more resources, community and personal connection in my healing journey but I didn't know what to expect. Then, the Healing Community started becoming for me and my inner child a safe space to try out being seen and asking questions. Feeling heard, welcomed and encouraged by people who understand and are on a similar path is so validating and wonderful. I also love the courses included in the membership and the weekly journal prompts, they are filled with valuable information and practical tools that are making a huge difference in my life. Having access to all of these resources and support helps me stay on track and I feel a lot less lonely in my journey. So grateful and happy I subscribed!"

"Patrick ensures that the Q&A sessions are welcoming and low pressure. It's totally ok to just chill and listen - and there is tons of worthwhile content to listen to! If you are feeling a bit isolated in doing this work, I think these sessions will help you to feel that your struggles are normal and shared by many others."

I am a member of Patrick's Healing Community and, just have to say this has helped me immensely!  I have found myself sliding back from time to time into old patterns of shame and denial but, now when this happens I stop and redirect my whole thought process and Wow!  I have had such a hard time finding a therapist that truly understands childhood trauma, toxic parents and the aftermath until I saw Patrick on Youtube one day.  So now I have gone from therapists who don't really "get it" to the best! Having a whole community showed me there are many of us in. I can see how I'm not alone at all in this not only is Patrick there to answer questions and give me some tools but, a whole community.  This is the best thing I ever did for myself. -Wendy


Join Patrick live twice a month via zoom while getting all access to his e-courses and childhood trauma recorded webinars. You'll be joining a large community of healers who are on a path to processing and recovering from childhood trauma while connecting with and getting direct guidance from Patrick.

Family Rules E-Course
The Genogram E-Course
The Children's Bill of Rights E-Course
Overcoming The Toxic Family System Webinar E-Course
Toxic Shame and Childhood Trauma Webinar E-Course
Monthly Live Q&A (2x Monthly)
Weekly Journaling Prompts
Reparenting The Inner Child Webinar E-Course


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Patrick's Monthly Healing Community

102 ratings